Bob Hawes 55-12-0 Steve Hardy 48-6-0 Mark Squire 45-5-0

After tucking in to his breakfast bap and drawing on the narrows Bob did not fancy his peg, but he was landing his second

fish while I will still pushing the pole out for my first put in.

He carried on like that for most of the match with small Carp to pellet and bread on a small pellet feeder close to the island, he also had one fish closer to 8 pound.

Steve was on the same peg as Paul in the last match and did the same with fish coming from tight to the island.

Mark Was near the aerator and fished a small method feeder next to some reeds.

It was a good match with all the boys having a few fish all around the lake, a lot of the pegs picked up well in the last hour with a lot of fish coming in this period.

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