Richard Smith 22-8-0 Ian Randall 19-3-0 Roger Salmon 8-4-0

Richard has not fished the lake for a while so had to do a couple of laps to see where we he was going to fish, he dropped in on the last peg after the willows and had 3 what he said were small Carp with 2 coming in the last hour, all on the pellet method tight to the reeds.

Ian was on the island and had 2 Carp, one of which he had to borrow a bigger landing net as he left his big one at home, hope he remembers next time, best bring it to the arm just in case.

Roger was on the last peg on the roadside, I think this is the first time it as been fished in matches, he had  a Tench with some Perch and skimmers.

Bob had a good day on the waggler and maggot with 8-0-0 of skimmers and Roach.

I just got the cant beat bad luck after losing 2 good fish on the floaters.

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