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5th August 2018: Wraysbury – Coronation Trophy

Richard Smith 22-8-0 Ian Randall 19-3-0 Roger Salmon 8-4-0

Richard has not fished the lake for a while so had to do a couple of laps to see where we he was going to fish, he dropped in on the last peg after the willows and had 3 what he said were small Carp with 2 coming in the last hour, all on the pellet method tight to the reeds.

Ian was on the island and had 2 Carp, one of which he had to borrow a bigger landing net as he left his big one at home, hope he remembers next time, best bring it to the arm just in case.

Roger was on the last peg on the roadside, I think this is the first time it as been fished in matches, he had  a Tench with some Perch and skimmers.

Bob had a good day on the waggler and maggot with 8-0-0 of skimmers and Roach.

I just got the cant beat bad luck after losing 2 good fish on the floaters.

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22nd July 2018: New Farm – C/L 2

Bob Hawes 55-12-0 Steve Hardy 48-6-0 Mark Squire 45-5-0

After tucking in to his breakfast bap and drawing on the narrows Bob did not fancy his peg, but he was landing his second

fish while I will still pushing the pole out for my first put in.

He carried on like that for most of the match with small Carp to pellet and bread on a small pellet feeder close to the island, he also had one fish closer to 8 pound.

Steve was on the same peg as Paul in the last match and did the same with fish coming from tight to the island.

Mark Was near the aerator and fished a small method feeder next to some reeds.

It was a good match with all the boys having a few fish all around the lake, a lot of the pegs picked up well in the last hour with a lot of fish coming in this period.

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15th July 2018: Wraysbury Lake – Restocking 2

Dave Hughes 5-0-0 Bob Hawes 2-7-0 Brian Dart, Derek Turton 1-10-0

Well old dangerous went and showed us how to do it, his words not mine.

He drew number 1 and went in the last peg in the corner, he had all small Roach and Perch, then along came a decent Tench to boost his weight, all on the waggler and maggot.

Bob was just along from him and fished likewise but with more small skimmers.

Brian and Derek did the same, it was nice to see a lot of small skimmers coming out all around the lake.

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8th July 2018: Lower Colne – Restocking 1

Brian Dart 5-10-0 Brian Stannett 4-1-0 Andrew Terpolowski 2-13-0

We had the great idea of giving the Lower a chance in the summer to see how it went, well with the sun belting down and low levels it was always going to be hard.

Brian went upstream near the platforms and had a lot of small fish on the waggler with maggot and punch, The other Brian was on the next peg and did likewise.
Andrew went right downstream and had some decent Perch for his weight.

A couple of the boys lost good Chub, they got the usual, cant beat bad luck thrown at them.

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1st July 2018: Wraysbury Lake – Merridene Cup

Don Wilkinson 30-1-0 Brian Dart 28-11-0 Ian Randall 16-7-0

I was on the swim just before the willows and was on the method without a touch for 4 hours of the match, then switched to surface baits when a few fish were on the top.
I had 3 Carp with the best going 16 pound, I also lost 3 as they were shooting around the corner and I could not stop them.
Brian was on the road bank and had 3 small Carp early on then added a couple more late in the match.
Ian was also on the method and had 3 Carp as well.

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24th June 2018: New Farm – C/L 1

Mark Squire 51-8-0 Paul Talbot 44-8-0 Andrew Terpolowski 36-0-0

Well its the first match of the season we are on new farm where Mark drew on the narrow swims on the right and fished the same tactics which served him well last year on here.

He had small Carp on bread tight to the island on the pole, Paul was around the other side and did likewise with a few fish coming to meat.

Andrew was on the narrows and stayed on a small method feeder  with maggot and pellet and had a more mixed match with a bit of everything in the net.

I kept getting snagged up tight on the island when hooking carp, I was looking at 3 floats bobbing around in my swim, when mine went under I did not know which was which, so I done the off for the second half of the England match.

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Restocking 5

25/2/18Restocking 5Langley BoatsB.DartD.AllenL.Charlton

Well what can I say, they think fisherman are mad and with the weather for this match they may well be right. The canal was frozen over on the saturday but a few of the boys decided to meet up and see where to fish, luckily a boat had gone through and the wind got up so a fair bit was cleared of ice.

When they pegged it Brian drew where Derek had 17 pound on the wednesday knock up. It did not fish as good as that but he still managed to get a nearly all Roach catch on the punch.

Dave was on the next peg and had few better Roach on the maggot. Lyle did likewise. It was blowing straight down the canal all day, so the boys did well just to wet a line, with a couple of them not having a bite.


Restocking 6

11/3/18Restocking 6Langley BoatsI.RandallB.DartD.Wilkinson

Ian was only getting a few a small Roach on the punch, but when the water began to run along at a bit of a lick due to locks and wind he decided to have a go on the waggler and big maggot.

It paid off as he had around 12 skimmers to the pound and over, also a few better Roach. Brian had fish of varying sizes all day, on pinkie and the punch. I had a bit of a dead spell when the water was moving but had better fish all on the punch.

would like to thank Ian and Brian for getting down early on all the Arm matches and doing the pegging, they get a bit of stick if some boys are not catching but it is the luck of the draw, so Thanks Guys.