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Please note all draw times are 8-00, Start at 9-00 unless stated. Finish times will be advised on the day. Please have 2 keepnets on all matches, and an unhooking mat on CL and Wraysbury matches. And also phone the secretary if you wish to attend matches marked C/L as there may be limited pegs Water Closures.  There may be other dates taken up in the season on the Slough Arm. Matches marked C/L are for club league points, please book with the Secretary if you wish to attend, if non attendance after booking, a peg fee will be levied to the member not attending. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL VENUES ARE CLOSED TO NON COMPETITORS UNTIL AFTER THE MATCH. DO NOT TRY TO FISH THEM ON THE DAY, OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. Matches marked C/L are for club league points, please book with the Secretary if you wish to attend, if non attendance after booking, a peg fee will be levied to the member not attending. Please Note cancelled matches will be advised on the club website. An alternative venue may be selected, please ring the secretary for details.

Don Wilkinson 0208-421-0769.


Fixtures 2018/19

DateVenueMatchResults - 1stResults - 2ndResults -3rd
June 24thNew FarmC/L 1Mark Squire 51-8-0 Paul Talbot 44-8-0 Andrew Terpolowski 36-0-0
July 1stWraysburyMerriedene CupDon Wilkinson 30-1-0 Brian Dart 28-11-0 Ian Randall 16-7-0
July 8thLower ColneRestocking 1Brian Dart 5-10-0Brian Stannett 4-1-0 Andrew Terpolowski 2-13-0
July 15thWraysburyRestocking 2Dave Hughes 5-0-0Bob Hawes 2-7-0Brian Dart, Derek Turton 1-10-0
July 22ndNew FarmC/L2Bob Hawes 55-12-0 Steve Hardy 48-6-0Mark Squire 45-5-0
Aug 5thWraysburyCoronation TrophyRichard Smith 22-8-0Ian Randall 19-3-0Roger Salmon 8-4-0
Aug 19th New FarmC/L3Richard Smith 111-10-0Ian Randall 65-2-0Bob Hawes 59-13-0
Sept 2ndYeading LakeC/L 4
Sept 9thDorchesterThames Cup 1
Sept 16thNew FarmC/L 5
Sept 23rdHarrow SchoolC/L6
Oct 7thDorchesterThames Cup 2
Oct 14thIslandKing Of The Colne 1
Oct 21stLangley Boats.Pairs,Senior Citizens
Oct 28thDorchesterThames Cup 3
Nov 4thLower ColneRestocking 3
Nov 11thIslandKing Of The Colne 2
Nov 18thDenham LakePike Match 1
Nov 25thLangley BoatsMick Cole Memorial
Dec 9thLangley BoatsRestocking 4
Dec 16thIslandFur & Feather
Jan 6thLangley boatsRestocking 5 ( With Yeading A.S )
Jan 20thIslandKing Of The Colne 3
Feb 3rdLangley BoatsOfficers Match
(Members welcome to attend )
Feb10thBroadwater LakePike Match 2
Feb 17thIslandKing Of The Colne 4
Feb 24thLangley BoatsRestocking 6
Mar 3rdDorchesterThames Cup 4
Date TBCVenue To Be ConfirmedTeams of 4 Charity Match



Results 2017/18

DateVenueMatchC/LResults - 1stResults - 2ndResults -3rd
25/06/2017New FarmC/L 1M.Harper 44-0-0M.Squire 35-0-0D.Turton 31-0-0
02/07/2017Wraysbury,Merriedene CupD.Allen 25-12-0B.Dart 14-0-0P.Talbot 12-0-0
09/07/2017Hampton PoyleCoronation TrophyD.Turton 10-5-0D.Allan 7-0-0B.Dart 4-4-0
16/07/2017New FarmC/L 2M.Squire 78-8-0R.Smith 66-8-0L.Charlton 46-8-0
23/07/2017Wraysbury,Restocking 1R.Salmon 17-0-0D.Allan 11-4-0S.Turk 8-8-0
06/08/2017WraysburyWith Harrow SchoolD.Allan 18-3-0P.Talbot 9-4-0R.Smith 6-7-0
20/08/2017New Farm FisheriesC/L 3M.Harper 51-2-0D.Turton 48-8-0M.Harrison 38-8-0
27/08/2017Hampton PoyleRestocking 2B.Dart 7-6-0P.Talbot 4-7-0D.Allen 4-0-0
03/09/2017Yeading LakeC/L 4Andrew.TerpolowskiGerrards Cross team
10/09/2017DorchesterThames Cup 1I.Randall 11-6-0D.Allen 8-4-0B.Stannet 7-6-0
17/09/2017Harrow SchoolC/L 5R.Smith 37-0-0I.Randall 24-9-0R.Salmon 17-2-0
24/09/2017New FarmC/L 6R.Smith 34-14-0M.Harrison 25-12-0M.Harper 24-6-0
01/10/2017DorchesterThames Cup 2D.Turton & I.Randall 9-15-0R.Salmon & B.Dart 6-11-0
08/10/2017Langley BoatsD.Allen B.Dart 2-5-0L.Charlton 2-0-0M.Harper 1-10-0
15/10/2017IslandKing Of The Colne 1B.Dart 5-15-0D.Turton 5-14-0R.Hawes 4-14-0
22/10/2017DorchesterThames Cup 3M.Harper 18-6-0D.Turton 12-9-0B.Dart 11-10-0
29/10/2017Langley BoatsPairs S/CD.Allan 11-6-0R.Salmon 11-4-0R.Hawes 10-11-0
12/11/2017IslandKing Of The Colne 2D.Allen 6-14-0D.Wilkinson 6-8-0R.Hawes 3-10-0
26/11/2017Langley BoatsMick Cole MemorialB.Dart 10-1-0I.Randall 9-12-0L.Charlton & D.Allen 8-11-0
03/12/2017IslandRestocking 3I.Randall 14-12-0B.Dart 5-2-0D.Wilkinson 4-3-0
10/12/2017Langley BoatsD.Allen 6-14-0I.Randall 5-2-0Dart 4-10-0
17/12/2017IslandFur & FeatherB.Dart 8-0-0R.Salmon 7-11-0M.Davis 1-8-0
07/01/2018Langley boats,Restocking 4 ( With Yeading A.S )B.Dart 18-8-0I.Randall 11-8-0R.Salmon 9-0-0
21/01/2018IslandKing Of The Colne 3B.Dart 11-5-0D.Turton 9-12-0I.Randall 9-2-0
04/02/2018Langley BoatsOfficers Match
(Members welcome to attend)
K.Burroughs 16-1-0I.Randall 15-1-0D.Turton 9-14-0
18/02/2018IslandKing Of The Colne 4I.Randall 10-8-0B.Abbott 5-8-0L.Charlton 3-9-0
25/02/2018Langley Boats,Restocking 5B.Dart 4-9-0D.Allan 4-2-0L.Charlton 3-15-0
11/03/2018Langley BoatsRestocking 6I.Randall 22-3-0B.Dart 14-2-0D.Wilkinson 12-12-0
29/04/2018New Farm FisheryTeams of 4 Charity Match