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Please note all draw times are 8-00, Start at 9-00 unless stated. Finish times will be advised on the day, Also that any venue being used in a match is closed to non competitors until after the match. Please have 2 keepnets on all matches marked C/L.

Please Note cancelled matches will be advised on the club website. An alternative venue may be selected, please ring the secretary for details.

Water Closures.
Slough arm
Langley Boats 2011, May 15th, June 5th, Nov, 6th, 13th, 27th, Dec 4th, 18th 2012, Jan 8th, Feb 12th , 26th, Apr 22nd, May 13th, 27th. Midweek Matches 2011, May 18th , 25th, June 15th, Aug 31st, Sept 21st, Oct 19th,
Nov 16th, Nov 30th.

Other dates may be taken please ring the secretary to see if there are late bookings.

Matches marked C/L are for club league points, please book with the Secretary if you wish to attend, if non attendance after booking, a peg fee will be levied to the member not attending.

Don Wilkinson 0208-421-0769.

Results - 1st
Results - 2nd
Results -3rd
June 26th Willows lakes   C/L1 J. Williams 33-14-0 Blackburn 15-0-0 M. Harper 13-4-0.
July 3rd Wraysbury   Merriedene Cup. B.Dart 20-1-0 S.Turk 16-4-0 D.Wilkinson 13-10-0
July 10th Northfields Farm    Coronation Trophy. B.Hawes 21-15-0 D.Turton 14-10-0 M.Harper 11-13-0
July 17th Redbournbury  Lake    C/L2. M.Harper 24-13-0 R.Smith 14-3-0 S.Turk 8-8-0
July 31st Willows Lakes   C/L3 R.Blackburn 38-8-0 K.Burroughs 22-10-0 R.Smith 18-2-0
Aug 7th Dorchester  Thames Cup 1.                M.Harper 9-1-0 D.Turton 7-9-0 Burroughs 7-9-0
Aug 14th Wraysbury    Restocking  1.   B.Dart 51-0-0 D.Wilkinson 14-0-0 R.Hawes 4-8-0.
Aug 21st Royal Berkshire   C/L4 K.Burroughs 104-7-0 S.Hardy 72-0-0 R.Blackburn 51-11-0
Aug 28th Wraysbury     Restocking 2.   J.Barnes 24-10-0 D.Wilkinson 17-6-0 M.Harper 9-9-0
Sept 18th St Pats Stream, Please ring secretary for details if attending.   B.Dart 11-6-0 W.Noble 7-9-0.  
Oct 2nd Northfields Farm  Restocking 3.   B.Dart 13-2-0 R.Hawes 5-14-0 D.Turton 3-8-0
Oct 9th River Colne King Of The Colne 1   D.Wilkinson 18-6-0 S.Hardy 10-6-0 D.Turton 10-5-0
Oct 16th Dorchester  Thames Cup 2.   K.Burroughs 10-1-0 D.Turton 9-9-0 R.Dawson 6-6-0
Oct 29th Colne Uxbridge, Teams of 4 invitation match.   CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED
Oct 30th Langley Boats, Pairs, Senior Citizen Trophy   B.Dart   11-13-0 I.Randall  6-10-0 A.Parsons    5-6-0
Nov 13th Colne Uxbridge Mick Cole Memorial     D.Turton   14-10-0 B.Hurley     8-2-0 D.Wilkinson.  6-9-0
Nov 27th River Colne King Of The Colne 2   T.Burgess  6-14-0 D.Turton   6-7-0 D.Wilkinson    4-1-0
Dec 4th Broadwater. Pike Match 1        
Dec 11th Langley Boats   Restocking 4.   A.Parsons 4-11-0 B.Hawes 4-0-0 K.Burroughs 4-0-0
Dec 18th Colne Uxbridge Fur & Feather    B.Abbott 4-6-0 S.Turk 3-15-0 B.Parsons 2-5-0
Jan 8th Langley Boats Millenium Trophy   R.Beales 7-13-0 B.Dart 6-3-0 T.Salczynski 5-13-0.
Jan 15th River Colne King Of The Colne 3   D.Wilkinson 9-11-0 S.Turk 0-3-0 R.Smith 0-2-0.
Jan 29th Langley Boats Restocking  5.   A.Parsons 8-12-0 D.Aubrey 7-10-0 D.Wilkinson 6-0-0
Feb 5th Broadwater. Pike Match 2   CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED
Feb 12th River Colne  Harefield   CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED
Mar 11th Slough Arm( Boats) Teams of 4 Charity Match   K.Burroughs 10-2-0 T.Salzinski 9-15-0 M.Sheperd 9-0-0
Feb 26th Dorchester  Thames Cup 3   CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED
Mar 4th River Colne King Of The Colne 4        
Mar 11th Langley Boats  Restocking 6.        
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